Product Information

Spats – SP10

Judogi Under Spats.

Product specification

Price SP10 SB (S):JPY5,720
SP10 MB (M):JPY5,720
SP10 LB (L):JPY5,720
SP10 LLB (LL):JPY5,720
SP10 3LB (3L):JPY5,720
SP10 4LB (4L):JPY6,600
SP10 5LB (5L):JPY7,260

*Retail price in Japan (tax included)

Size S(SP10 SB), M(SP10 MB), L(SP10 LB), LL(SP10 LLB), 3L(SP10 3LB), 4L(SP10 4LB), 5L(SP10 5LB)
Color Black
Material 80% Nylon
20% Polyurethane
Country of origin Made in Japan
Target General
Reference SP10
Other Wear under the Judogi

Product details

Excellent sweat-absorbing and quick-drying, reducing the discomfort caused by stickiness when sweating.


A moderate fit creates a muscle rebound and supports speed and power up of the technique.