Management philosophy / company motto

Management Philosophy

We form a well-organized company aiming for stability and development.
In the future, we want to still be the leader.

Company Motto

Excellence of our products

In order to contribute to the prosperity of martial arts, to respond to customers' needs at the highest level. We provide the best quality for our products while manufacturing them the fastest way possible.
For that reason, the management organization is aware about the efficiency and the preparedness of each employee.

One Day One Progress

Currently, as the world evolve every day, we are paying less attention to the human's value and its sensibility.
In a spirit of professionalism, we trained our successors in every field of competency.
It is the manager's mission to give a turn, and it is to the employee to ask for it.


To be sure to set up what you said. Do it as soon as possible. If you anticipate, even the smallest detail or even the most unpleasant one, go ahead directly.
Nothing will happen if you just stay thinking. So, act by yourself, and the result will definitely come out.