About Kusakura

Kusakura Judogi Chest
Together with people
who love Judo.

The only Judogi manufacturer
in the world

Founded in 1918. Along with each Japanese martial arts discipline, and responding to the practitioners needs, Kusakura Co., Ltd, became through the years a worldwide recognized martial arts equipment manufacturer.
Moreover, we are the only company in the world to handle the entirety of the manufacturing process of the Judogi, from the weaving of the fabric to the final product. We have a total control on the making process.
That is why, thanks to the knowledge we accumulated this last 100 years, we are able to provide products from the highest quality and in a stable manner.
As pioneer in the Judogi manufacturing, we cultivated our experience by using the full potential of each of our technology.
As we are manufacturer in Japanese martial arts goods, we have to be a reference to the world in term of functionality and quality.
With that in mind, we will continue walking together with the one who love martial arts for the next 100 years.

The brand KUSAKURA to the world

The Kusakura trademark was designed from a family crest of an old Samurai commander. The general was renowned for his military feats and noble deeds. Moreover, he built a castle in Ondi (Osaka), where the founder of Kusakura Co., Ltd, started his trade. Later, numerous cherry trees (Sakura) were planted in the site of the castle, praising the family's distinguished services. Kusakura is associated to this historic family along with the celebrated cherry blossoms.
In 1991, we adopted the brand logo of romanized notation and adopted the acronym "S" of the national flower (Sakura) and made it KUSAKURA.
Currently used by many Judo international teams. Not only in Japan, the Kusakura brand is spreading around the world, and mainly in Europe.

Kusakura Judogi are officially certified in Japan and in the World
(following the IJF regulations).