IJF Kata Championships Rules

Competition rules

1, Competition

Nage no Kata (projection), Katame no Kata (solid), Ju no Kata (soft), Kime no Kata (pole shape), Kodokan self-defense

2, Eligibility of Practice

Based on IJF rules and Kodokan official videos.

3, Judogi / Belts

  • Having an IJF certified Judo uniform.
  • Clothing with red or blue label certification. However, the upper and lower judo clothing must be the same color certified label.

* Judo clothing control will be implemented based on IJF KATA COMPETITIONS RULES (IJF KATA COMMISSION JANUARY 2009).

4, The Shiaijo - Competition area

The Shiaijo is at least 8m x 8m to a maximum of 10m x 10m. 2m of security area between the Shiaijo and the rest of the room. A strip of visible coloured adhesive tape, approximately 5 cm wide and 50 cm long, shall be fixed on the centre of the competition area 6 m apart, to indicate the starting position of tori and uke. The centre of the competition area shall be indicated with a strip of adhesive tape of the same colour.