Product Information

KuSakura Judogi Senpo Junior – JZJ

KuSakura JZ Judogi for Juniors.
Custom size orders are not accepted.
The logo on the jacket and pants is the famous "S" embroidered in silver.

Product specification

Price JZJ (Set): JPY17,600
JZJC (Jacket):JPY11,660
JZJP (Pants):JPY5,940

*Retail price in Japan (tax included)

Size Size: S1・S2・1・1.5・1L・1.5L
Color White
Material 100% Cotton
Country of origin Made in China
Target Junior High School Student、Primary School
Other Due to the transition period of specification changes, some sizes may change during the release.
Thank you for your understanding.

About size

Product details

Senpo Judogi JZ for Juniors.
Regular and Large (L) sizes are available.


Judogi can be sold in set of the same size or indivial item of different size.
100% made of cotton, shrinkage might occur.

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