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White Judogi IJF – JOF

This is one of the best piece available in KuSakura's Judogi range, following the IJF certifications.
We have numerous standard sizes that can fit to the shape of the majority of Judoka, moreover we also have custom-made services available for people with a non-typical shape of body (extra long arms,...)
The logo on the jacket and pants is the famous "S" embroidered in red with a golden shadow

  • IJF Red Label IJF Red Label
  • All Japan Judo Federation All Japan Judo Federation

Product specification

Price JOFC (Jacket):JPY22,000
JOFP (Pants):JPY12,100

*Retail price in Japan (tax included)

Size See the Judogi Size Table
Color White
Material Jacket: Cotton: 70% / Polyester: 30%
Pants: Cotton: 100%
Country of origin Made in Japan
Target Bussiness Group、University Student、High School Student
Other Over 2200 Newtons

About size

Product details

Manufactured under the strict regulations of the IJF to be approved. Can be worn during international competitions (including the Olympics).
Manufactured for the best performance in the specific weight range.


We have various sizes and special sizes (X system) for all body types: regular, skinny, large, extra length for sleeves and pants.
Moreover, it is possible to make a custom-made order.

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